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De L’Ascherann in the PSK club magazine Germany

In May we traveled to Denmark to participate in the Euro Dogshow in Herning. Because this was a very nive family reunion, the PSK Germany asked us to dedicate an artikel to it. Our artikel is a bit longer than could be published in the clubmagazine, that’s why we put our hole story online here. Enjoy reading!


Family reunion at EDS Herning Denmark.

February 2022, we started a whole new adventure with our dogs. Roniris Gorgeous Mexx was in heat and around Valentine’s Day she could be mated. For some time, we were in contact with the owner of a fantastic male in Sweden and so we drove to a beautiful snowy Sweden. We were lucky that we could get 2 weeks off in good consultation and this allowed us to immediately make it a nice winter holiday.

Once in Sweden we were warmly welcomed by Tiina Koolmeister-Wallin and her husband Peter Walle Wallin and their male Lilla Eneby’s Y-Zack. They had already scheduled appointments at the vet for another progesterone test and from there our adventure started. Soon Mexx was ready to be mated. During our stay we not only met a beautiful male for Mexx but also got a nice new friendship. Tiina arranged everything needed and after 2 covers we toasted over a delicious dinner. What a fantastic experience to be able to realize a coverage together in this way!

Because Ko and Anneke stayed at home, they had given some goodies for Ulf and Susanne from the kennel Lilla Eneby’s. Both are no strangers to each other and have already visited each other back and forth. Now it was our turn to meet in Sweden. During our visit we were lucky that there were still enough pups present to look forward to what we hoped awaited us. It was very instructive to look at a fellow breeder, to see their pups and to see their dogs. In this way you get to know the breed and learn to look objectively at the dogs and their build. After a very big thank you for this hospitality, our journey through Sweden began.

The rest of our stay in Sweden can honestly be called ‘Magical’. Spend the night in special places, an endless beautiful white landscape, beautiful views, spotting Moose and Reindeer and the northern lights that suddenly appeared on the horizon as a gift! We enjoyed the many walks.

Not that we got far because of the deep snow, but it did bring back wonderful memories. Mexx and Pien walked along bravely and fortunately we had prepared ourselves well and brought a nice warm thermos jacket for them. The fleece jackets could still go under it and with the Vaseline between the paws against the snow cubes, she ran fanatically across the white landscape. The evenings were very cold but fortunately the overnight places were very hospitable and Mexx and Pien were allowed to go to the canteen and lounge to warm up.

Once home, our suspicion was quickly confirmed, Mexx was pregnant! Already during our holiday, she preferred to stay far away under a rug and once home the energy was quickly exhausted. She had a nice appetite and with this she took good care of the upcoming pups and herself. Easter Monday, April 17, 2022, the pups were born and I was able to surprise Tiina and Peter with a video call to let them enjoy the new pups! I shared a lot of photos via our various social media channels and often sent some to Tiina and Peter. It was very nice to see that they were so involved in everything.

To our great surprise, she wanted to come and visit the nest. Peter said: ‘If people are crazy enough to drive to Sweden in the winter for mating, we have to go to the Netherlands in the spring to watch the pups’. After an introduction at Ko and Anneke’s house, they went to our house to cuddle with the beautiful offspring of their Zack. It’s good that ‘strange eyes’ take a look at your pups. Of course, I thought they were beautiful, but I am also biased so it is very instructive when others take a look and give their opinion about the pups. It was therefore very nice to hear that they were pleasantly surprised by this nest. Beautiful large and sturdy pups, all well-built. We could conclude from this that we were very happy with the combination used: Roniris Gorgeous Mexx X Lilla Eneby’s Y-Zack and we were all very curious what these pups would look like in a year’s time. Our Q-nest went out into the wide world.

Not every puppy buyer is interested in dogshows, but fortunately Facebook and Instagram do a lot these days. Several puppy buyers now know Tiina via Facebook and share photos of their growing dog via that side. I also sometimes share photos or videos that I get with Tiina and so we can follow the developments well. It soon became clear that Quy, the male with the red band, grew very nicely and balanced and fortunately the Hilhorst family felt something for showing. Marielle started from the beginning, practice, practice and practice. A little better every time. When Marielle heard that we were making plans to go to Denmark for a show and that possibly Tiina and Peter would also come with their dogs, she did everything she could to participate in Denmark. She wanted to take the opportunity to meet Quy’s father and meet Tiina and Peter. The surprise was therefore great when we were able to tell Tiina after arriving in Denmark that a small family reunion was going to take place!

As Kennel De L’Ascherann we had 4 dogs registered for the Euro Dogshow 2023 in Herning, namely: the males Naleks Treasure Tsayvili (TIBO) in the Intermediate class, Shantli Ros Ess Tiger for De L’Ascherann in the Championship class and the Bitches Roniris Gorgeous Mexx in the Championship class and Pien De L’Ascherann in the Open class. This quartet was supplemented by the Hilhorst family with Quy De L’Ascherann in the Junior class with the males.

The show started very relaxed and it is always nice to see all the show friends again after a long time. Once the inspection started, all the focus was on the dogs and we were able to present ourselves excellently. The males were first judged and Tibo got 2 Excelent and Tiger 4 Excelent, Lilla Eneby’s Y-Zack became Best Male and Europe Winner 2023. After that it was up to the bitches and I think back on this with great pride. It is wonderful to see with how much fun and ease Roniris Gorgeous Mexx walks through the ring and presents herself with Guest Handler Dennis de Vente. To our great surprise, Mexx became Europe Winner 2023 among the bitches!! Not only our Mexx could count on praise from the judge, daughter Pien also did not go unnoticed. Pien De L’Ascherann, from our P-litter with Mexx and Hickson Jaguar in Black, became reserve best bitch and was allowed to stand next to her mother in the finals!

As icing on the cake, Zack and Mexx were allowed to enter the ring together to compete for the BOB and BOS title, Tiina and I could hardly believe it, how cool that the combination we used to breed with was now allowed to stand side by side in the ring! Before we started our last round, we first gave each other a big hug. We were already very proud so far but finishing in the ring together gave us goosebumps. After this we were able to present our dogs again and the judge chose Lilla Eneby’s Y-Zack as BOB and Roniris Gorgeous Mexx as BOS. Big congratulations to Tiina and Peter and kennel Lilla Eneby’s with this beautiful placement!

This show was one to dream of. It was truly a family reunion with Mexx, Zack and Quy. We took the opportunity to take a picture of them together. Very nice that Mariëlle Hilhorst and her family got to know the father of their beautiful Quy and Tiina and Peter. So you see, showing and breeding not only brings beautiful dogs but also beautiful new friendships! Sweden and the hospitable people have surprised us and we would like to return again to strengthen our friendships!

Bianca Joustra

Anneke & Ko / Kennel de L’Ascherann


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